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Rasied Company seeks to open channels of communication and closer cooperation with the Libyan state through educational, training, scientific, industrial, productive, service and medical institutions in Libyan society in order to gain the honor of contributing to the achievement of the objectives of these institutions and aims in particular to achieve the following:

✓Training and development of technical staff in the field of laboratories of all kinds and work to raise the efficiency of training, operation and services to ensure good use and sustain the life of the machine in various development sites.

✓ Furnishing and providing the necessary supplies and equipment for laboratories with modern international specifications, accurate technical standards and appropriate economic feasibility and provision of spare parts and operating materials.

✓Provide in-depth scientific consultation and outstanding technical opinion in the field of laboratory design, workshops in the fields of education, training, medical, industrial, service and productivity.

✓ Provide scientific and technical expertise to prepare, equip, operate and maintain laboratories and workshops in all fields.

In order to deepen the role played by Rasied Company effectively and in keeping with scientific and technical developments to take advantage of the international expertise houses, institutions and international companies specialized in the production, development of laboratory equipment, we are in close and continuous contact with the most famous international institutions and companies designed and manufactured for the supplies, equipment and materials needed by our scientific, service, productive and industrial institutions.


Through its dealings with specialized international entities, Rasied has gained the confidence of institutions and manufacturers of supplies, equipment and materials for laboratories which has led to the honor of representing some key player companies within Libya so that local institutions can deal with several companies – directly – when seeking scientific and technical consultation. In this way, Rasied stands out as a distinguished national expertise house in the affairs related to laboratories and workshops and is able to perform its distinctive role at the level that its clients admire through its highly qualified management in technical sciences.

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